Certification Renewal Examination

Because you strive to do your best.

Renew your commitment today.

Renewing your ABO certification is about more than simply a renewal process.  It’s about the high standard you hold yourself to and your dedication to excellence.


Renew your board certification today and never stop pursuing your commitment to lifelong learning.


Certification Renewal Requirements & Eligibility:

Renewal certification is required every 10 years for all board certified orthodontists, unless you have lifetime certification. 


Certification Renewal Examination (Time-Limited Certifications):

The certification renewal process may be started no earlier than two (2) years prior to the expiration date printed on the board certified orthodontist’s certificate.  A new certificate will be awarded stating an expiration date of ten (10) years from the original expiration date, regardless of when the renewal process is completed.   


Successful completion of this exam is required to maintain Board Certification status. 


Voluntary Certification Renewal Examination (Lifetime Certifications):

All lifetime board certified orthodontists are encouraged to voluntarily renew their certification. This is a requirement for all lifetime board certified orthodontists before they are eligible to act as an ABO Examiner and/or ABO Director.


Components and Criteria:
Online Board Case Exam (BCE) Option:

1. Complete one (1) online Board Case Examination as provided by the board: 

  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • 90-minute time limit

2. Complete Continuing Education Credits from four (4) online AJO-DO exams:

  • Select four (4) AJO-DO publications from the available list via the AAO Website
  • Complete each exam (consisting of 16 true/false questions) – each exam costs $20, payable to the AAO (see details below)
  • Submit your earned CE credits to the ABO – email to ABO Renewals

Log in to your ABO Account and begin your examination at any time, but it must be completed by June 25, 2020.


Mail-In Option - Case Report Examination (CRE):

1. Case Report Examination (CRE) for one (1) case with a DI of ten (10) or greater submitted by mail.  Patient source requirements:

  • One (1) case treated by the examinee from their clinical practice.
  • Case must be initiated within one's current certification time frame or within the past ten years.
  • Full-time orthodontic educators who have met all other requirements, may present a case that the educator directly supervised while teaching within a CODA-approved orthodontic program. The supervised case may not include a case that has been, or will be, presented to the ABO by a resident of the orthodontic program.

2. Continuing Education Credits from online AJODO articles:

  • Select four (4) AJO-DO publications from available list via the AAO Website.
  • Complete each exam (consisting of 16 true/false questions) - each exam costs $20, payable to the AAO (see details below)
  • Submit earned CE Credits to the ABO - email to ABO Renewals 


BCE Preparation:   Utilize the BCE Study Guide to help you prepare for the examination.


Continuing Education Preparation:  You may download the test questions prior to taking the tests by accessing them here:        AJO-DO Test Questions   



AJODO Continuing Education Access:

To complete the continuing education portion of the certification renewal, follow the steps below:


  • Select any AJO-DO issue from the approved list via the AAO Website
  • Read the selected material
  • Go to the AJO-DO Tests page under the Education tab on the AAO website to purchase each corresponding test for the AJO-DO issue selected -- $20.00 per test payable to the AAO
  • Log in using your AAO ID and password to complete the tests you have purchased
  • Please email a copy of your CE credits earned by the end of your examination period (June 25, 2020 for BCE option or by June 5, 2020 for those taking the CRE)

You will earn three (3) CE Credits for each passed test.  Proof of these 12 CE Credits will satisfy your online CE component for your certification renewal.  Please note, all CE credits for certification renewal must be done within 24-months of your certification expiration. 


To begin the Continuing Education portion and access the tests, click here.