Board Certified Orthodontists

In the fall of 2014, we conducted a comprehensive market research study, covering a broad range of orthodontic professionals, residents and the general public.


We interviewed over 2,000 people: Residents, Educators, ABO Advocates, Board Certified Orthodontists, Non-Board Certified Orthodontists and dozens of Moms. We asked a lot of questions.


We listened and we are headed in an exciting direction!
  • Recognizable ABO Logo
  • "Board Certified" Seal - to generate awareness and educate the public
  • Redesigned patient information brochure
  • ABO Educational Tool Kit including templates and digital downloads
  • Acceptance of digital models in all stages of treatment for clinical examination
  • New online certification renewal process
  • Encouraging development of orthodontic Standards of Care

We are committed to the highest level of excellence and protecting the future of our specialty.