Why Begin Now?

Set yourself apart from the start


Begin the certification process today – for you, for your future, for our specialty. 

The process starts at the beginning of your residency

  • Begin identifying your cases immediately to determine if they meet the appropriate criteria
  • “Banking” cases from your residency helps you achieve certification sooner
  • After completing your orthodontic program and passing the ABO Written Examination, you can take the ABO Initial Clinical Examination with cases from your residency
Did you know?*
  • 80% of residents plan to get certified
  • 71% of residents believe board certification will help them for future employment
  • 40% believe it differentiates them from other candidates or validates their skills as an orthodontist
  • Residents who begin the process during their program are 75% more likely to complete the certification process
Non-board certified orthodontists speak out too.
  • 65% of non-board certified orthodontists considered and/or began certification, but never completed the process*
  • 75% of non-board certified orthodontist would still consider certification today*

Don’t become part of these statistics.  Get a head start.  Check out our Resources now.


Click here to see what examinees are saying about the certification process.


*Based on 2014 ABO research study